Daido Moriyama


Daido Moriyama

born in 1938 in Ikeda (Japan)

In 1968, Daido Moriyama discovered Andy Warhol’s silkscreens and was immediately seduced bythis traditional printing technique, which he found to be a natural extension of his photographic language.Read more

Daido Moriyama’s first silkscreen on paper (made in 1969), became a cover for the photography magazine Asahi Camera, published in January 1970. In 1974, six silkscreens on canvas were displayed in Tokyo in the exhibition entitled Harley Davidson. That same year, he also organized his first “printing show”. Participants were invited to assemble their own unique copy of Daido Moriyama’s book Another country in New York – printed with the help of a Canon U-Bix photocopier – and choose between two covers, that the artist silk-screened on demand.

In 1975, Daido Moriyama produced about twenty silkscreens on paper, entitled Ouka (cherry blossoms), exhibited in Tokyo.

It was not until 2007 that the artist decided to return to silkscreens on canvas to produce largescale and exclusive pieces by hand. Made using deep black ink, it seems as if Daido Moriyama was looking for an even darker texture than the one he already achieved in his highly contrasted gelatin silver prints.