12th may - 24th june 2017
Polka Galerie

Elliott Erwitt

Home(s) around the world

© Elliott Erwitt, Courtesy Polka Galerie.

On the occasion of Magnum 70th anniversary, Polka gallery is pleased to present the exhibition ”Home(s) around the world” by Elliott Erwitt with a selection of platinium prints as well as rare silver gelatine photographs.

Erwitt, the eternal wanderer has roamed through six continents since the end of the 40’s and his photographs have been published in countless international magazines and newspapers.

Following on last year retrospective organised by Harry Ramson centre alongside with Aperture publication ”Home around the world” which reveals little-known parts of his work, Polka gallery pays its tribute to the acclaimed member of the agency founded by Robert Capa, David Seymour and Henri Cartier-Bresson.  

One can recall his iconic images chronicling major political events that marked the 20th century history. One can also remember his mystical landscapes telling the tale of our modern society and its race for progress. As well as his intimate portraits of Hollywood stars or celebrities from the art and cultural world, one cannot either forget his winks at the canine kind, as an anthropomorphic celebration of New York inhabitants.

But above all Erwitt, the Charlie Chaplin of photography, the immigrant from all around the world, the poet, the humourist and the satire cannot be reduced to one category, label or genre.  “A very good photograph is irrational, it has nothing to do with the photographer’s conscious will or desire”. To him, photography practice is more about luck, intuition or even reflex. "An orang-utan with a camera would get a result. And blown up large enough it might sell very well” he argues with wit.

 “Homes around the world” is a photographic journey from Normandy to North Carolina and from New York to Moscow, telling simple and universal stories that irresistibly seduce us.