15 March - 12 May 2012
Polka Galerie

Sara Imloul

Black circus

«Black Circus» by Sara Imloul dives into a strange and dreamlike universe. This young photographer – she is 25 years old – began this series in 2008. She uses calotype, an old process. «This method requires me to contact print my images. Therefore the sizes of the prints match the sizes of the negatives. I then rework the details with a brush and various chemicals, as if I were retouching small paintings. Each is unique, the artist explains. I think in terms of negatives: I place white spots and areas of light on a black page. I approach forms and graphic patterns as white elements on a black background. It’s a game.»


This theatre of light and shadow is a replay of ancient reveries. Strongly influenced by photographs of the early twentieth century, fueled by the worlds created by Sarah Moon, Joel-Peter Witkin, Christian Boltanski or Miroslav Tichy, Sara Imloul broaches the subjects of memory, esotericism and shared imagination.


Fond of childhood, the young artist enjoys searching for vintage clothing and decors that will bring her small disconcerting scenes to life. She uses close friends as models and an old folding camera. Each image requires an exposure time of more than 45 seconds.