25 January - 3 March 2012
Polka Galerie

Alexander Gronsky

Mountains & Waters

Alexander Gronsky (Tallin, Estonia, 1980) dedicates his photographic work to landscapes.

For "Mountains & Waters", he went to the edges of Shan- gai, Chongqing or Shenzhen, these Chinese megalopolis where the agitation creates an almost chaotic disorder.

"Mountains & Waters" is a series of large-scale diptychs: with an aesthetic close to the Düsserdorf School, Alexander Gronsky adds a Chinese conception of the landscape, more intellectual than descriptive. The diptych enlarges the field of vision and stays faithful to the duality of the Chinese mind: In chinese, the association of the ideograms “Montain” (山) and “Water” (水) form in chinese the word “landscape” (山水).

"Mountains & Waters" is the latest work of Alexander Gronsky. His previous series, “The Edge” was awarded by, among others, the Aperture Portfolio Price 2009 and Foam Paul Huf 2010. "Mountains & Waters" has already won the Photo-Levallois Price in 2011.

Alexander Gronsky lives in Moscow.