11th may - 23th may 2015
Polka Galerie

Sara Imloul

Das Schloss

Les jambes au sofa, 2014

Le Château (The Castle), is a place, a story. An enclosed space, a surreal family constellation.

I wanted to work on our family house located in the Lorraine region. I wanted to set my Camera-Obscura and capture them in my own way, as I see them and as I imagine them. This very intimate work spanned over a year. It felt like an in-between of two worlds experience, a self-examination through the camera lens.

I wanted to create pictures where my grand father, my mother, my aunt, my cousin and myself would be staged in symbolic compositions. By arranging objects like symbols insider her compositions, the images become drawing or collages. Objects transformed into letters of an alphabet that requires deciphering, or a sequence in an intimate black and white film. Role play, experiments in material enable altered perceptions of bodies and spaces, but primarily serve to blur the lines between projection and reality.

“Who is behind this mask?” “Who plays whom?” The house has become a chest, a skull where my imagination plays the game of Exquisite Corps.”


Sara Imloul