15 March - 12 May 2012
Polka Galerie

Elliott Erwitt

Sequentially Yours

«To be Elliott you need to have (1) an exquisite instinct, not only of the moment, but what might happen in the very next moment, (2) a sympathetic but clear-eyed view of the world as an endless series of mini-comedies and dramas [...] You also need to have been born in Paris of émigré Russian-Jewish parents, rushed our of Italy to avoid Mussolini, raised in California, speak at least four languages, and be self-effacing to the point of transparency. [...] In Sequentially Yours, Elliott has created a new form, somewhere between single exposures and film. We film directors need thousands of images - 24 of them each second, in fact – to tell our stories. Elliott has reduced that to, mostly, two or three.»

Marshall Brickman (faithful screenwriter of Woody Allen) in Sequentially Yours, Elliott Erwitt ed.Te Neues, 2011

With Elliott Erwitt, the gravity of a moment is replaced by lightless, laughter renders emotion a mere accessory. Through the sequences shown in the exhibition, Polka Galerie invites the visitor to discover another side of Erwitt, even funnier. Known photographs, loved all over the globe, take on a new meaning as they are framed by unexpected « before » and « after » shots.