June 7 - August 2, 2014

Françoise Huguier

Étranges beautés

Françoise Huguier, Porno chic, Hôtel Chalgrin, Paris, 1999 (pour DS Magazine)

While the “Maison Européenne de la Photographie” celebrates Françoise Huguier through an exceptional retrospective on display until August 31st, Polka Galerie pre- sents “Étranges Beautés”, a mix of vintages and contemporary prints from the French photographer.

Françoise Huguier’s universe is dense. Inspired by her international travels, she is particularly moved by the beauty that resides in strangeness. A cinema lover, she draws from Andreï Tarkovski, Jim Jarmusch or the Indian filmmaker, Satyajit Ray, whom she met several time in Calcutta.

Beyond reporting from abroad and producing renowned photographic journals, she also enjoys shooting fashion. When covering the catwalk, she is in constant movement adding energy to her stills. Whilst producing edito- rials, she often finds models in the streets and photographs them in odd settings such as a sugarcane field, on a cemetery road or in a squat.

Thanks to this unique perspective, Françoise Huguier reinvigorates the field. She develops new ways to celebrate elegance, the human form and women. 

Throughout her production, she creates “moments” that are then used to build a colorful and sometimes disturbing world; one in which barbarism and sophistication cohabit nicely; one that lies at the intersection of reality, personal history and the tales she wants to tell. To this day, she continues to expand and refine it.

“Étranges Beautés” brings Françoise Huguier singular planet to light. The exhibition is an invitation to cast a new gaze on her impressive work.