25 May - 3 August 2013
Polka Galerie

Joakim Eskildsen

Home Works

From May 25th to August 3rd, Galerie Polka presents the first chapters of « Home Works » by Joakim Eskildsen, which he started in 2005.

After « The Roma Journeys » (2000-2006), a remarkable testimony on the Roma’s living conditions initially exhibited at Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center and published by Steidl, the Danish photographer born in 1971, investigates the poetry of home as the seasons go by in « Home Works ».

Inspired by the pregnancy of his wife, Joakim Eskildsen goes back to his first sources of inspiration: photographing landscapes and his surroundings according to the light and the weather. 

« When I was 14 years old, I photographed around the house, the fields, and the forest. From the very

beginning, it was a certain light or weather condition that inspired me and made me eager to go out. »

Through his children’s naive and poetic attitude, Joakim Eskildsen captures their life and his own. He creates an artistic, almost fantastic, world where the seasons follow each other and the places change (in the quest of the perfect household, the family moved six times). Whether it is a stroll, a nap or an afternoon in the garden, the photographer seizes these moments and captures the innocent beauty of his children.

From the serenity of a familiar place to the overwhelming beauty of neighboring landscapes, Joakim Eskildsen creates with « Home Works » a photographic poem which invites the reader to discover his unique world.

« Home Works » will be published by Steidl edition in 2015.