Joakim Eskildsen

Home Works

Joakim Eskildsen

born in 1971 in Copenhagen (Denmark)

“I try to capture photographs of a world in which I can believe. A world that gives me hope and brings me moments of magic.”Read more

Joakim Eskildsen began working on Home Works in 2009, inspired by his wife’s motherhood. Through the candid gaze of his two children, the photographer captures glimpses of his family life. Eskildsen depicts his children’s innocent beauty and development through simple every-day scenes: a Sunday outing, a nap or an afternoon spent in the garden. 

Home Works is not about my children’s joys and tribulations, but about translating an environment shaped by my dreams, my desires and by my artistic vision.” In the serenity of a familiar place, flooded by the invasive beauty of landscapes, Joakim Eskildsen creates a collection of photographic tales, inviting the viewer in to discover his personal, magical world.

A long way from his previous documentary series like The Roma Journeys, Home Works is a contemplative work, a nod to the photographer’s simplest and earliest artistic influences: photographing his surroundings in their natural lighting and state.