Elliott Erwitt

Photo toons

Elliott Erwitt

born in 1928 in Paris (France)

Recognized first and foremost for his photographs, Elliott Erwitt is also an exceptional storyteller. His angle: imagining narratives and creating films without using the traditional 24 frames per seconds.Read more

His “phototoons” are composed of two, three, or four stills. Sequenced chronologically, they allow the viewer to invent a story with a beginning middle and end. At once, the stills become alive. Like cartoon characters, the subject are brought to life in front of our eyes, making us smile, or better yet, laugh. 

Elliott Erwitt's method appears uncomplicated: wait for the right moment, look through the viewfinder, press the shutter button. And do it again, a few seconds later. The photographer would say that it is a question of patience, of unorthodox encounters. But, it goes beyond that. It is the testimony of an intrinsic ability to tell stories. Elliott Erwitt is able to capture the ephemeral nature of everyday scenes and engrave it in our collective memory.